B-Roll Footage

Please see below for videos that can be used copyright free for media stories on SchoolBOX. The videos can be used copyright free and can be edited or downloaded from Youtube. They all have the creative commons license and are free to use. Should you have needs for other types of videos, please contact Stephanie Rudyk at stephanie@schoolbox.ca.

The videos are organized into the following sections (please click on the specific heading to jump directly to the section):

Children of SchoolBOX
SchoolBOX works with children that attend primary school within Central America. At present only 56% of children are able to reach the 6th grade in Nicaragua. The children’s will and perseverance are second to none, and their thirst for education is simply amazing.

Children studying
Children in Nicaragua are determined to get a basic education. Here are some clips of students learning in communities that we have helped with education packages. Some of the videos depict classrooms that will be rebuilt by SchoolBOX.

Bad conditions of schools before construction
Many classrooms in Nicaragua are in ill repair. SchoolBOX works in many communities distributing educational supplies to children learning in schools that are made of corrugated metal, wood and plastic. In some schools, children learn in structures that resemble make shift ranchos or barns. These structures usually have a dirt floor. When it rains, the floor turns to mud, and sometimes classes are cancelled. SchoolBOX aims to provide basic infrastructure such as classrooms to their partner communities.

Community conditions
SchoolBOX works in 100+ communities around Nicaragua. The vast majority of students live on a very meager income. Their houses are sometimes made out of wood, scrap metal, or even plastic. A large number of SchoolBOX partner communities do not have running water or electricity.

Tools 4 Schools Program: Construction in progress
SchoolBOX has their own in-house construction team. Classrooms are constructed to the specifications of the Ministry of Education, and have double the amount of structural support that is advised. Materials are purchased locally from small hardware stores to support the local economy. These videos depict several shots of classrooms during the construction phase.

Tools 4 Schools Program: Completed classrooms
It is always a joy when a classroom is completed. These videos depict shots of classrooms in Leon, and Nuevo Amenecer after they have been completed. Students, teachers, and community members are so happy when classrooms are completed, because they see hope for the future.

Supplies 4 Success Program: Children receiving educational packages
SchoolBOX hands out over 18,000 educational packages to students and teachers in 100+ communities annually. Each students receives notebooks, pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, and a ruler. These supplies help provide the basics for students to get an education for an entire year. Sometimes, school supplies can be the different between staying in school and dropping out.

Books 4 Kids Program: Mini Library Program
Kids loves books. SchoolBOX has seen the impact that a single story book can have on a child. The Books 4 Kids Program brings mini-libraries to schools in impoverished communities. Each mini-library includes two weatherproof bookcases, 250+ books (including story books, picture books, text books, reference books, and more), a globe, containers to transport the books between classes, and also teacher training. The books provide welcome relief to teachers that are searching for additional teaching materials.

Volunteer Program: Volunteers in action
SchoolBOX loves their volunteers. Over 600 international volunteers have helped with classroom build projects in the last few years. SchoolBOX volunteers not only get their hands dirty by working on their very own project, but they also encourage kids to go to school, and speak to parents and teachers about the importance of education. SchoolBOX has grown and prospered because of the volunteer groups that have come down to Nicaragua to help out.