Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Nuevo Amenecer School (26th, 27th and 28th classrooms):

Completion Date: February 2012
Community: Nuevo Amenecer
Region: Telica, Leon, Nicaragua
# of students: 63
# of teachers: 3
# of classrooms built: 3
# of washrooms: 3

The Need: The Nuevo Amenecer Community was formed in the late ’90s after Hurricane Mitch destroyed thousands of homes in Nicaragua. The average family in Nuevo Amenecer has 6 children, with a monthly income of $75 per month. The old school building was structurally unsound, and posed a significant risk to the students. It did not contain proper ventilation as the building did not contain any windows.

Stories from the build: Construction of the school started in October of 2011. When the SchoolBOX construction team started demolishing the old school, one of the construction workers leaned against the inner wall, and it collapsed. This was the first school that SchoolBOX built that had a larger overhang to cover the more of the school, so that children could play outdoors even while it was raining.

The Finished Product: SchoolBOX completed the 3 classroom/3 washroom school in February 2012. The entire community, including students and teachers were so happy with their new school. The inauguration was attended by World Vision, the February volunteer group, the Ministry of Education, and the Municipality.

Nuevo Amenecer School Before

Nuevo Amenecer School After

The Aftermath: SchoolBOX is proud to hand out educational packages to all students and teachers at Nuevo Amenecer School. They also participated in the Telica Soccer Dreams Tournament in 2012. In August of 2012, SchoolBOX presented a mini library to Nuevo Amenecer containing a mix of educational and fun books for children. This mini library was coupled with teacher training.