Rick’s Classroom #2


Jannelle Wilkins visited Nicaragua in 2015 with her sister Darlene Wilkins and friend Russ DeWitt. They helped to build a school with SchoolBOX and to dedicate a library in the name of Jannelle’s recently departed husband, Rick Mera. Jannelle and Darlene did not realize that they would be so enamored with the children of the communities they visited as well as the exceptional work done by SchoolBOX. The Wilkins family, including Jannelle’s daughter Natalia, returned to Nicaragua to build a classroom in honour of their beloved Rick in 2017. They will return to Nicaragua in 2020 to build a second classroom in memory of Rick.

Rick was inspirational in all aspects of life. He was known by his many friends as the sweet, generous guy with the million-watt smile. He had an easy going, big laugh, can-do energy with two-octave hands. Rick was always ready to pitch in and help anyone, anytime. He had an affinity for making friends and keeping strong friendships with those around him.

The first classroom in honour of Rick Mera was inaugurated in April 2017. The children were previously learning in a borrowed building, as they had no real classroom of their own. Many friends and family made generous contributions and held successful fundraisers to help make this classroom in Rick’s memory a reality. It is now empowering an entire community of children with a basic education!

Due to the amazing experience that they had in Nicaragua with SchoolBOX, Janelle and her family and friends have generously offered to build a second classroom in his honour.

This classroom is scheduled to be built in February 2020, and Janelle will be returning with a group of family and friends to help with its construction. Get in touch if you would like to join this group: volunteer@schoolbox.ca.

Rick’s second classroom will be built just outside of Leon. The classroom is structurally unsound with large cracks, holes and termite-ridden wooden columns and beams. It poses a huge safety risk to the students, as the school is located in an earthquake-prone zone.

Let’s work together to build this classroom. For more information, click here

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Rick’s First Classroom completed in La Ceibita:

Check out a video of the community where Rick’s Classroom was built:

Please see below for photos of Rick’s Library at the Tomas Borge School in Tipitapa.

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