Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Ruben Dario School (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th classrooms):

Completion Date: May 2010
Community: Leon
Region: Leon, Nicaragua
# of students: 646
# of teachers: 23
# of classrooms built: 7
# of washrooms: 3

The Need: Ruben Dario was a collection of makeshift structures and shipping containers before SchoolBOX began constuction. Children were learning in 4 shipping containers and 2 wooden ranchos. Other children were learning outside. Temperatures regularly soared over 40 degrees Celsius in Leon, and the shipping containers became mini ovens. Children would often pass out due to the heat, and the teachers would become ill. At the end of each class, the teacher had to mop out all the sweat from the floors of the shipping container classroom. Students were also forced into the streets during recess that was dangerous for many reasons.

Stories from the Build: SchoolBOX was able to host many groups of international volunteers at Ruben Dario. The Ruben Dario School was home to the first SchoolBOX IYES Group. The community was very involved in the construction, and many parents proudly volunteered to build their children’s school. SchoolBOX first met Francisco Garcia, Mario Moran, and Denis Mendoza when they volunteered at Ruben Dario. They would end up working for SchoolBOX as part of the construction team.

The Finished Product: The construction was completed in 2 phases, because of the large number of classrooms that were needed. SchoolBOX was able to build all of the classrooms on the perimeter of the property. The shipping containers were removed, and this made space for a large playing field in the middle of the school. 3 washrooms were also built, which was a necessity for the students.

Ruben Dario School Before

Ruben Dario School After

The Aftermath: Students are now able to learn in a safe and secure environment. SchoolBOX regularly returns to Ruben Dario to hand out educational packages on a yearly basis. The Soccer Dreams soccer tournament in Leon is also hosted at the Ruben Dario site. International volunteer groups often visit the Ruben Dario School because it has become a model school for SchoolBOX.