Image00001 Completed Classrooms

San Pedro de la Flor Preschool (8th classroom):

Completion Date: April 2009
Community: San Pedro de la Flor
Region: Ometepe, Nicaragua
# of students: 14
# of teachers: 1
# of classrooms built: 1

The Need: The community of San Pedro de la Flor is extremely poor. Children walk many kilometres to school each day to have the opportunity to get an education. SchoolBOX found this preschool housed in a dark brick structure with dirt floors. The building did not offer any ventilation for the children, and it did not offer any natural light either.

Stories from the Build: SchoolBOX’s own Michelle Kay encountered this school while on a SchoolBOX trip in 2007. She vowed to come back and help build the school. When she returned to Canada she helped fundraiser to build the school.

The Finished Product: The students are now able to learn in a well ventilated school. They no longer need to adjust their eyes to the darkness of the previous building, as their new classroom is well lit through natural light. It is the only stable building in the community.

San Pedro de la Flor Preschool Before 

San Pedro de la Flor Preschool After

The Aftermath: SchoolBOX continues to hand out education packages each year to the San Pedro de la Flor Preschool. SchoolBOX continues to evaluate the needs of the community on their yearly visit.