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Antonia’s Dream

Antonia Aventano started the Jezreel School under a tree in 2002. She was fed up that the children of her community were not getting an education. The school started with 70 students. Children sat on rocks, or brought their own chairs. It was Antonia’s dream that the children of her community could have a safe and secure place to study. She worked hard with the SchoolBOX team, donors, and volunteers to raise awareness, and to tell her story.

SchoolBOX worked hard for 4 years to raise money, and to wade through mountains of red tape to make this school a reality. In December of 2012, the Brett School was completed. It was dedicated in memory of SchoolBOX Founder Tom Affleck’s friend, Brett Bentley Crawford. Her life was tragically cut short. SchoolBOX is proud to honour her name with Brett’s School. Antonia is so honoured that the school is named after Brett, and amazingly thankful that the children have a safe and secure location to study.

Antonia is striving to be a director of a high school and continue her work to educate. SchoolBOX will help with her continuing education so that she can become a high school teacher and eventually a director. Antonia’s dream has come true, but she continues to strive for more.

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Antonia enjoying time with her students                               The Brett School:  A dream come true!