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Guillermo’s Love

Guillermo is an amazingly dedicated man. He is affectionately known as Memo by all of the community members of the Providencia neighbourhood, and also by all of the volunteers that helped during the build of the Shirley Case #2 School. During the night, he works as a security guard, but without fail, he showed up to volunteer everyday during the construction of this beautiful school. Memo was a leader in the community, and was instrumental in rallying community support around the school.

He also let SchoolBOX use his house for all of our construction workers to rest, and for our volunteer groups to have lunch. His smile and laughter were contagious. He became even more attached to the project when he learned the story of Shirley Case, whom the school is named after. Shirley’s love for humanity is an inspiration for Memo. He has a picture of Shirley up in his house. He talks about Shirley’s sacrifice to everyone he meets, and developed an amazing connection with Shirley’s family and friends.

Memo is an amazing example for everyone within his community. He understands the importance of education, and is very grateful for the construction of this school. He knows that his community will develop as the level of education develops. Memo may have never met Shirley Case, but the two will be forever linked within the community of La Providencia.

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Guillermo was a leader in the community                             The completed Shirley Case #2 School