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Cycle 4 SchoolBOX – 8249km of Inspiration

Ilan Levy bikes.  Seriously.  And he took that passion on the road for SchoolBOX in 2011, biking 8249 km from British Colombia to Newfoundland in 81 days with his fundraiser Cycle 4 SchoolBOX.  His idea was sparked at a fundraiser for the Shirley Case #1 School in Toronto the year before.  He was already planning on cycling across Canada but when he saw the work that SchoolBOX was doing in Nicaragua, a light bulb went off in this head.  He knew that he was now cycling for ‘a cause’ and not just ‘because’.

He made the time to go down to Nicaragua before the ride, and experienced the impact of SchoolBOX on the ground level.  Ilan visited many schools within the SchoolBOX community, and even got his hands dirty at the Shirley Case #1 School and helped with construction.

His ride garnered media coverage across Canada–coverage shared with SchoolBOX.  Sleep Country Canada partnered with Levy and SchoolBOX to create web media about the ride and to promote the achievement, and its motivation, across Canada’s airwaves.  Levy’s ride inspired many smaller cycling related events across the country, including a mini-cycling event in SchoolBOX’s hometown of Almonte.  Altogether, Levy’s passion and energy, coupled with SchoolBOX’s support, raised over $90, 000 and countless more in inspiration.

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Ilan posing with children from La Primavera                         Ilan posing at the site of the Shirley Case #1 School