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September 2016 – Parker returns from SchoolBOX Engineering Internship

Parker returned home from Nicaragua on September 6th, just in time for his Carleton University engineering classes to begin! He spent the summer completing an internship with SchoolBOX’s amazing engineering and construction team, and is filled with fresh passion for the mission of ‘Making Education Possible!’.

Parker witnessed some important SchoolBOX milestones during his internship, including the inauguration of our 80th classroom at the Gilberto Siles School. He bonded with the children and parents in every community he worked in, and brought some amazing insights to our team in the form of a comprehensive report on the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of our school building model.

His favourite part of the experience was being able to partner with local Nicaraguan communities to provide safe, structurally sound, and sustainable schools for their kids.

Welcome back Parker!

Check out some highlights of Parker’s experience in Nicaragua below: