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September 2016 – SchoolBOX’s 80th Classroom Inauguration

On September 5th, 2016, the students and teachers of Masaya, Nicaragua inaugurated the new classroom at Gilberto Siles School, and SchoolBOX celebrated the completion of our 80th classroom since we began ‘Making Education Possible’ in 2006.

The community members of Masaya, Nicaragua were finally able to realize their dream of a dignified place for their children to attend classes.

Over the past ten years at SchoolBOX, we have witnessed communities and children’s lives be transformed by the power of education.

We are so humbled by the support we receive from generous volunteers and donors, like the Union of Solicitor General Employees that funded the classroom at Gilberto Siles School.

We thank the USGE, and look forward to celebrate more milestones in education in the years to come!

Check out these photos from the inauguration on September 5, 2016: