Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Shirley Case #1 School (20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd classrooms):

Completion Date: August 2011
Community: Monte Olivo
Region: Telica, Leon, Nicaragua
# of students: 118
# of teachers: 5
# of classrooms built: 4
# of washrooms: 3

The Need: Monte Olivo is an impoverished community. They rely on subsistence farming, and the typical family has about 8 children. The annual income hovers below $1000. Around 50% of children in this community do not enroll past grade 4. The previous school was housed in an old coffee co-operative within the community. Students had their classes on the porch of the building, as it was the only place where they could get natural sunlight. The building was dangerous and only a temporary solution. The roof leaked when it rained, and often tiles would fall from the roof.

Stories from the Build: SchoolBOX volunteers befriended a young boy named Robinson. We learned of his struggles with family life, and that he was also not attending school. Through the encouragement of volunteers and SchoolBOX staff, Robinson returned to school last year. He is studying hard with the hopes of becoming a translator in the future. The construction was supported by 59 volunteers from 6 international volunteer groups. Many of Shirley Case’s friends and family were able to participate in the build, which proved to be an emotional and amazing experience.

The Finished Product: Construction of the 4 classroom/3 washroom school took 6 months to complete. A large soccer pitch was also constructed that the children use on a daily basis. They are only allowed to use the pitch, once they have finished their homework, and outside of school teaching hours.

Shirley Case #1 School Before

Shirley Case #1 School After

The Aftermath: SchoolBOX is proud to deliver educational packages to the students and teachers of Monte Olivo. Previous volunteers who had worked on the school made a return to the school when they visited in 2012. It was an emotional experience for all. In April of 2012, SchoolBOX delivered a new mini library to the Shirley Case #1 School. The children were overjoyed with the books, and the teachers were happy to receive their training.