Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Shirley Case #3 (58th & 63rd classrooms):

Location: Leon, Nicaragua
2 classrooms, 2 washrooms and classroom tools (desks, chairs, whiteboards)

The La Pintora School is located in Western Nicaragua, a region severely affected by earthquakes in April of 2014. The series of earthquakes and aftershocks turned this school into ruins and it had to be demolished.

35 students and two teachers were once using a converted chicken farm as a makeshift classroom while waiting for a new building. Teachers brought the whiteboard and students carried their desks from the old school each day. Since this was no place for children to be learning the principal of the school and the Ministry of Education asked SchoolBOX to assist in the urgent reconstruction of this school.

SchoolBOX has been supporting this school for the past few years with the Supplies 4 Success program because of the level of poverty in the communities that the Shirley Case #3 School serves. Most parents work in free trade zones or in agriculture for low wages. This means that many of the children are living below the poverty line of $2 per day.

In December 2014, the first classroom at the Shirley Case #3 School was completed, registration went up significantly and SchoolBOX decided to build a second classroom in this wonderful community.  The second classroom was completed in February, 2015.

pintora 1   pintora 2
The Shirley Case #3 School Before

Image00001   Image00002
The Shirley Case #3 School After

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