Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Tracy’s Hope Classroom (Tomas Borge School) (64th classroom):

Completion Date: March 2015
Community: Tomas Borge
Region: Tipitapa Nicaragua
# of students: 32
# of teachers: 1
# of classrooms built: 1
# of washrooms:  2

SchoolBOX first visited the Tomas Borge community near Tipitapa in 2012 and saw dire conditions for students. Teachers were using a makeshift structure and sometimes teaching outside when there was no room. When SchoolBOX first proposed building a school, the parents and community leaders stepped into action. The mother of the teacher at the school donated a parcel of land immediately, and a provisional structure made out of wood and metal was put into place.

The one classroom school was completed in March of 2015 and contains a division with one half housing preschool children and a library and the other half containing the other primary aged students. We are so thankful for the support of Tracy’s friends and family for ‘Making Education Possible’ in Nicaragua.

Check out this video showing the conditions at the Thomas Borge School

Check out out the photos below to see the current conditions of the school

Grades 1-6  Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten Classroom  Kindergarten

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